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Marketing Services That Actually Work

We GROW your business with targeted marketing strategies, tactics, and resources so you can get more clients and have peace of mind.




Appalachian Marketing and Media




Appalachian Marketing and Media




Working in Office

Marketing Isn't A Guessing Game

You don't have to:
Appalachian Marketing and Media

Wonder if your website speaks to your customers

Appalachian Marketing and Media

Run random ads hoping for results

Appalachian Marketing and Media

Have social media posts that do not engage customers

Appalachian Marketing and Media

Struggle to get qualified leads

Appalachian Marketing and Media

Spend thousands on marketing that does not work

Don't waste anymore of
your marketing dollars!

The Stakes Are High!

3 costly mistakes you are making!
Appalachian Marketing and Media

1. Unclear Messaging

What you say to your audience is the most important thing you have. If what you are selling is not communicated clearly within seconds of the audience seeing your brand, they will not engage with you. Even if you have the best product or service your audience will engage another brand if they are confused.

Appalachian Marketing and Media

2. Not Using Modern Methods

Understanding where your audience is tuning in is the next critical item. If you have the right message but put it in the wrong place, or fail to use your resources in the proper way, your audience will not see it. Ensure you have a strong digital presence including: a website, social media presence, lead generators, and various marketing strategies.

Appalachian Marketing and Media

3. Not Doing Both!

Many businesses will succeed at defining their messaging OR utilizing modern methods, but they don't do both. Having a clear message but not reaching today's audience will result in nobody knowing you exist. Reaching today's audience with a clarified message prevents your voice from becoming white noise.

Marketing Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

3 things our marketing can help with:
Appalachian Marketing and Media

Increased Branding Exposure

Our services are guaranteed to increase your brand's exposure and help you be seen by more than your typical audience.

Appalachian Marketing and Media

Get More Leads

Your business should be generating leads organically. Our services will help your brand become a lead magnet.

Appalachian Marketing and Media

Grow Your Business

Don't waste money on major marketing campaigns with massive organizations. Our customers have seen steady growth without breaking their budget!

Appalachian Marketing and Media

We Feel Your Pain

As marketers, we understand the frustration of growing a business with marketing that works. That's why we have chosen to help more than 100 companies overcome those difficulties!

Let Us Help You Too!

Our Goal Is To Watch You Grow!

See what our customers are saying!
Tri-State Bible College

Tri-State Bible College

Rex H.

Ryan and Audrey exhibited the highest of professionalism and friendliness to our guests, faculty, staff, and stakeholders. We are so impressed and excited about the results! I highly recommend AMM for your marketing and media initiatives.

Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport

Greater Portsmouth
Regional Airport

Shane C.

We recently contracted Appalachian Marketing and Media to build and maintain the website for the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport. Audrey was awesome to work with! She communicated well, was very punctual and always met her timelines. I would highly recommend her and Appalachian Marketing and Media for anyone that needs these types of services!

White Gravel Mines

White Gravel Mines

Mindy M.

Highly recommend AMM  if you are looking for a great team to work with! Very thorough and knowledgeable! Two thumbs way up!

See For Yourself!

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We have worked with so many businesses and organizations that the numbers speak for themselves.

Clients Served

Strategic Marketing

52 Clients


39 Clients

Social Media

15 Clients


20 Clients

Graphic Design

45 Clients

We can help you too!

Appalachian Marketing and Media

We understand the hesitation!

At Appalachian Marketing and Media we know you are the kind of business that wants to see success from your marketing efforts. In order to accomplish this, you need our marketing services. Investing in your future success can cause nervousness - what if you spend a lot of money with no valuable return? We believe that fear is legitimate but nobody should be worried about the success of their business. We understand how it feels. That's why we have developed more than 8 expert marketing services to address your every need and we pledge to handle your brand as we would our own!

Website Development
Photography Videography
SEO Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Appalachian Marketing and Media Videography
Email Marketing
Graphic Design

Getting Started Is Easy

Follow our simple 3 step process below. Contact us so you can stop leaving potential audiences in the dark about your products or services and start growing your business!

Appalachian Marketing and Media

1. Schedule A Consultation

Meet with our experts so we can get to know you and help define your goals.

Appalachian Marketing and Media

2. Create A Plan

Together we will develop a plan and customized strategies to help with your success.

3. Watch Your Business Grow

Experience success as your business grows in your competitive industry.

Intimidated, overwhelmed, or just don't have the time? We can help!



6606 Gallia St.

Portsmouth, Ohio 45648


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