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Stop wasting your valuable marketing dollars on efforts that don’t bring you ROI.

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We Help Businesses Grow!

Appalachian Marketing and Media has a long history of helping hundreds of companies achieve their growth goals.




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cell phones showing off websites

Appalachian Marketing and Media Has Everything You Need To Grow

We focus on your digital presence (Website, Google Business Profile, Digital Ads) to make you more competitive.


Our proven digital systems generate results that actually increase your revenue and help you grow your company.


The days of newspaper and billboard advertising are coming to an end. Today, it’s all about having a website and being found on search engines like Google.


Appalachian Marketing and Media specializes in targeted growth strategies that help you identify where you need to focus your attention in your marketing. Scaling your company requires very specific strategies that we can help you with.

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Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your Google Business Profile and website is the first step to perfecting your digital marketing.


Your website is your 24/7 salesman. It’s critical to have a landing space that speaks to your ideal audience and converts them into paying customers. This is where your SEO and Ads should send your ideal audience.


Your website needs to be highly functional so your audience can contact you, set up an appointment, or complete a sale.


Enabling your website and Google Business Profile to allow your audience to call you directly will drastically improve your conversion rates.

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Grow with Google!

Having a fully optimized website and Google Business Profile is absolutely critical to getting new leads from prospects.

Search Engine Optimization

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Getting in front of your ideal customer at the moment they’re looking for your services is the most effective way of getting new customers.

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Google Business Profile


Your Website

Look Like The Professional You Are

The way your business’s digital presence appears is a direct reflection of the quality of your work as an organization. Do not let a subpar website or social media page cause your audience to think you’re not the absolute best at what you do! We can help.

website design mobile friendly
website design mobile friendly
website design mobile friendly
Some Of Our Clients
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Customer Reviews


Jesse E. Scott, Attorney at Law

5 star reviews


Incredibly pleased from my experience with AMM. From initial contact, through various stages of review and editing, the entire team was tentative, friendly, and efficient with getting my needs taken care of. Since the launch of the website design that AMM created, I’ve noticed a significant increase in digital volume, and foot traffic in my business.


A&A Porta Potty’s

5 star reviews


An amazing company! Very detailed an organized.

They literally helped me the same day. In just a week we had amazing success and attention to our website and increased sales. All thanks to Appalachian marketing. They truly go above and beyond.


Hometown radio

5 star reviews


As a morning radio host as well as a writer, I have a very delicate quality control sensor that insures that I represent my work in the best light possible. In putting my website together Appalachian Marketing and their team helped me glean all the details necessary to tell my story as fun and cleanly as possible. Not only were they fun to work with, but they worked hard to understand the image that I was trying to relate. I would recommend their excellence to anybody who is trying to market themselves either as a beginner or an established on line marketer. For sure Appalachian Marketing gave me the quality and excellence that I was looking for!

  • How long will it take to get a new website?
    Typically, we can have a new website completed in 3-5 weeks from start to finish. The process begins with a kickoff call and planning questionnaire to gather all the foundational details we need to get started. From there, we'll develop an initial design mockup within 1-2 weeks for your feedback. With your approval, we'll work rapidly on site development and content population. Throughout the process we'll keep you updated with regular check-ins as we progress through each milestone. Within 3-4 weeks from project start, we'll be in the final stretch of quality testing and ensuring all is working smoothly. This also allows time for us to populate the site with any existing content you have. The final launch week involves final tweaks, linking the site live, and officially migrating your domain. And then your new, custom-designed website will be up online! We find this careful but quick process reduces headaches and keeps projects on track. Let us know if you have any other questions as we get started on creating your new website. We're committed to delivering incredible websites punctually.
  • Will my website be mobile-friendly?
    Absolutely! Having a mobile-friendly website is essential these days, and making sure your site looks great and functions properly on all devices will be a top priority. When we design and develop your new website, mobile responsiveness will be built in from the start. Your site will flex and adapt seamlessly to accommodate smaller screens like phones and tablets. This means all the content will resize and rearrange itself for optimal mobile viewing. Features like navigation menus and calls-to-action will adapt so they are easy to use on touch screens. Site speed will also be optimized to load quickly on mobile connections. We'll thoroughly test your website during development to ensure mobile responsiveness. We'll check that interactions, navigation, forms, videos and other elements perform smoothly. This ensures a flawless mobile experience. Rest assured, your website will be just as effective on mobile as on desktop. You'll have one website that provides an exceptional experience for visitors no matter how they access it. Just let us know if you have any other questions!
  • Will I be able to the new website myself?
    Absolutely! We make sure our clients have full access to edit and update their own websites as needed. Our team will provide you with an intuitive content management system (CMS). The CMS allows you to log in and make changes to site pages, add new posts or content, modify images, update text and info, and more. We can train you on how to use this system during the handoff process so managing content is easy or you can sign up for one of our Website Maintenance packages! We’re always available for any questions or troubleshooting as well. We want to empower you to keep your site fresh and current. Let us know if you need help with anything!
  • Will you help create content or do I need to provide it all for the new website?
    We can create most of the content! As a full service marketing company, we are happy to handle the majority of the content creation and production for your new website. You can rely on our team to develop most of the website copy and assets you need. We’ll have in-depth conversations to fully understand your business, brand, products/services, and goals. From there, we will advise on the optimal website structure, pages, and messaging to achieve your goals. For any existing marketing materials or content you have, we are happy to reuse that where appropriate. Beyond that, our talented in-house copywriters and designers will develop all the required website content from the ground up.
  • Can you help register my domain name?
    Absolutely, assisting with domain registration is a service we provide. As part of our website setup process, we will do a domain search to ensure your preferred name is available. Once you've selected the perfect domain for your brand, we can purchase it on your behalf. We'll walk you through options from the major domain registrars like GoDaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap etc. and help select the best fit based on factors like pricing, reputation, and value added features. If you already own your domain, we can seamlessly transfer or point it to your new website as well. We'll handle setting up the domain, DNS configuration, security provisions, and more. We're here to provide ongoing guidance and support when it comes to your domain. Just let us know any questions!
  • How much of a commitment should I expect for a new website?
    Our aim is to make the process as streamlined and minimally disruptive as possible for you. At the start, we'll need about an hour for planning calls, questionnaires, and answering any initial questions. During the design phase, we'll need 2-3 check-ins to review and approve the look and feel. Once designed and created in the CMS, we will ask that you provide a final look over of the site and offer approval. After that, we launch the site! If you select a Website Maintenance package we will continue overseeing your site for any content updates and addressing any issues. All in all, you should expect 3-5 hours total of time commitment on your end to ensure this is a seamless and excellent experience!
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