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Marketing Services That Actually Work

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We grow your business with targeted marketing strategies, tactics, and resources so you can get more customers.

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Marketing Isn't A Guessing Game.

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Marketing isn't a guessing game, it's a strategic journey that demands precision and expertise. At Appalachian Marketing & Media, we understand that every marketing effort should yield measurable results. With our team of seasoned experts, we eliminate guesswork from the equation. We craft marketing campaigns tailored to your unique goals, ensuring that every move is directed towards driving growth and attracting more customers. 

At Appalachian Marketing & Media, We Help You Avoid:


Stagnant Growth

Without a well-defined marketing strategy, your business may struggle to attract new customers and expand your market presence. Stagnation can hinder your revenue growth and limit your ability to reach your full potential.


Ineffective Marketing Campaigns

Businesses often waste money on marketing campaigns that don't generate results. Our experts will help you build the perfect strategy, leading to more eyes on your business and new customers.


Low Brand Visibility

In a crowded marketplace, a lack of brand visibility can be detrimental. Potential customers may not even know you exist, let alone consider your products or services.

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We Are Dedicated To Help You:

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Increase Branding Exposure

Our services are guaranteed to increase your brand's exposure and help you be seen by more than your typical audience.

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Get More Leads

Your business should be generating leads organically. Our services will help your brand become a lead magnet.

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Grow Your Business

We use innovative strategies and insights to propel your business forward, delivering measurable growth.

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Our Clients Served

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50+ Strategic Marketing Clients

40+ Website/SEO Clients

20+ Social Media Marketing Clients

20+ Photography/Videography Clients

45+ Graphic Design Clients

Our Happy Clients
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A service of the Community Action Commit

and many more...

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Getting Started Is Easy
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1. Schedule A Consultation

Meet with our experts so we can get to know you and help define your goals.

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2. Create A Plan

Together we will develop a plan and customized strategies to ensure your success.

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3. Watch Your Business Grow

Experience success as your business grows in your competitive industry.

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Our Services

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Social Media Marketing

Boost your online presence and engagement.

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Strategies designed to elevate your brand's impact.

Website Development

Effective websites tailored to your brand's goals.

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Boost your online traffic through Google.

Graphic Design

Resonate with your audience with creative designs.

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